We are the StarOpenSource Project! We develop ethical and open source applications and tools without ads, tracking or analytics.



Who are you exactly?

We are a organization focused on developing free and open source (FOSS) software under the GNU General Public License 3 (only). We are a one-person-team at the moment (unfortunately).

What are you doing?

We are doing these things at the moment:



Terms Of Service


General terms always apply, regardless of which service you are using. Certain services have their own terms of service alongside the general terms that you have to follow too.


  • §GE1 No abuse of the service
  • §GE2 No abuse of other people
  • §GE3 No harassment, discrimination or bullying
  • §GE4 No manipulation
  • §GE5 Do not beg or troll
  • §GE6 You should not be a nazi
  • §GE7 Evading a punishment will lead to further consequences
  • §GE8 Punishments may not be appealed and are permanent
  • §GE9 You are required to report misbehaving users


  • §GI1 You may only host StarOpenSource-related repositories on StarOpenGit (example: a fork of our software or a bot displaying StarOpenSource stats)
  • §GI2 You may not submit stupid issues or pulls requests
  • §GI3 Check for duplicate issues or pull requests!
  • §GI4 Only one account is allowed. Multi-accounting is bannable.


  • §SK1 Mark NSFW (18+) content appropriately
  • §SK2 Use content warnings when necessary (gore, spoilers, voilence, nsfw, etc.)
  • §SK3 Boosting content that voilates StarOpenSource’s Terms Of Service is bannable
  • §SK4 No attention grabbing or begging for followers/boosts/etc. unless you have a really good reason
  • §SK5 Creating multiple accounts is allowed, but only create as many accounts as you actually need


  • §MA1 Creating multiple accounts is not allowed
  • §MA2 Do not spam enter and leave rooms


  • §LI1 Do not write NSFW stuff
  • §LI2 No spamming